All About Self Care

Hey Loves,
I have to say all of my usual self-care tricks have been really buckling under the strain of this new life and I have had to really dig deep to discover new things that make me feel good. I'm just gonna get to the good stuff. He's what I have been doing to keep my brain in the right place. 

Surround myself with beauty 

We have all been home more, so why not make it extra cute with some Kristen Solecki artwork. This print in particular is so soothing and uplifting that I keep it near me in the studio all day long.

Be outside as much as possible

I have been really fussing over my garden in a big way this year. It all started back in early spring when I bought some of these gorgeous seeds from the Hudson Valley Seed Company. If you know me personally, then you know I am a proud Hudson Valley girl, and these Art Seed Packs were so much fun to give and receive.

Fill My Earholes With Love

I had to put down the murder and virus podcasts for a minute and recalibrate with some uplifting stories. When I listen to This is Love, I feel like each episode is a tiny journey to what is good about being human, and how the definition of love is so expansive. What more could I want from a podcast than a delightful dive into the unknown where I know I will be safely delivered to the other side, unscathed.

Ok, Coffee. You Win.

The loss of my favorite community space- coffeeshops, was tough to manage.  My first attempt at healing came with a 2x monthly coffee subscription of tiny roasters all over the US. That has been pretty fun. But now, THE BEST THING about my week is when this tiny blue coffee cart rolls up in my park and makes me feel like I've got a real neighborhood coffee shop again. I saunter down sometime in the early am, find a nice shady spot to sit and sip my iced cold brew. I swear, for a minute I could almost think that life is normal. If you are local, check out Whisk & Rye!
I wanted to come up with one more, but I just think 4 is enough! I mean do you really need a link to my favorite pen? Or my activity watch? 
Comment below if you want to share something you have been really saved by in the last few months. 

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  • Sarah on

    I’ve been having coffee on my deck in the am. It’s not too hot and I’ll read a book. Love this post. Also…Dear Sugars is an amazing podcast.

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